Nobuhiko  Daito

Nobuhiko Daito

Transport Specialist for MENA region at World Bank Group

Nobuhiko Daito is a Transport Specialist in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Infrastructure Department of the World Bank. He works on analytical and lending projects in public transport, railways, and roads in MENA countries and serves as a climate change focal point of the region’s transport program.

Dr. Daito has expertise in transport planning, economic analysis, and climate change aspects of investment projects. Analytical projects that he leads include mobility assessment of large cities, disruptive technologies such as electric mobility, and inclusive and environmentally sustainable transport systems.

Dr. Daito holds a PhD specializing in transport planning and infrastructure public-private partnerships. He has experience in transport policy and project management at public agencies and private firms. He is a Japanese national and fluent in Japanese and English.