Oleg Kucheryavenko

Oleg Kucheryavenko

Consultant, Health, Nutrition and Population

Dr. Oleg Kucheryavenko is a public health professional specializing in policy research and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and project management and implementation in global health. He is passionate about finding solutions to financing of global public goods, including vaccines against pathogens of poverty. Currently, Dr. Kucheryavenko is a member of multiple teams and works on the World Bank partnerships with Gavi and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative.

Dr. Kucheryavenko has worked in more than 12 countries, serving as a head of health policy and advocacy for the Oxfam program on inequalities in BRICS and outreach countries. He served as an adviser to the government programs on HIV/AIDS in South Africa and Russia. As a Fellow at the Monash School Public Health in Australia, Dr. Kucheryavenko spearheaded policy change on the health of refugee minorities. He contributed to shaping the work of Oxfam on unveiling the mechanisms of regulatory capture existing in BRICS countries and detrimental effects on people's health and economic status.

He studied medicine (MD) at the Russian State Medical University, public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and holds a diploma in finance from the Yale University.

When not engaged in global health work, Dr. Kucheryavenko sits on the Advisory Board to the Youth Pride Clinic at the Children's National Health System in Washington, D.C. and is a Social Engagement Board Chair at the World Bank GLOBE Employee Resource Group.