Pascal  Frerejacque

Pascal Frerejacque

Senior Operations Officer, CFRR, The World Bank

Pascal Frerejacque advises several countries in Europe and Central Asia on enhancing their corporate financial reporting, corporate governance, and auditing practices, coordinating that agenda for the financial sector across the CFRR regional programs, REPARIS and STAREP. He has led the delivery of research and capacity building programs in Croatia, Czech Republic and Serbia, on accounting and auditing reform, access to finance and advisory to SMEs, and SOE monitoring.  At the CFRR, he authored several Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes Accounting and Auditing (ROSCs), and other knowledge products: Corporate Sector Accounting and Auditing in the EU (2015), Banking Supervisors and Auditors: Building a Constructive Relationship (2016), Guide to reviewing financial statements for supervisors (2017), Croatia’ EU Accession: case studies on accounting and auditing reform (2017), Survey on how Bank’s Finance SMEs (2018) and Empirical Study on access to Finance for SMEs (2018).

He joined the World Bank in 2007, bringing 16 years of international auditing and advisory experience, including working at the IMF, serving as an audit manager for listed international banking groups, and managing corporate finance assignments at Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young.