Paweł  Fiedor

Paweł Fiedor

Senior Economist, Central Bank of Ireland

Paweł Fiedor is a senior economist in market-based finance at the Central Bank of Ireland. His work concentrates on research and macroprudential policy development related to mutual funds, securitisation vehicles, and derivative markets. He actively cooperates with the European Systemic Risk Board, the European Securities and Markets Authority, and the Financial Stability Board. His recent work concentrates on macroprudential stress testing of mutual funds, and incentives for central clearing in derivative markets.

He was previously with the European Systemic Risk Board Secretariat, analysing systemic risk in the context of derivative market, developing macroprudential policy for the insurance sector, and supporting the Advisory Scientific Committee. He received a PhD in financial economics at the Cracow University of Economics, and has been a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Cape Town.