R. Andres  Castaneda Aguilar

R. Andres Castaneda Aguilar

Economist, Development Data Group, World Bank

R. Andres Castaneda Aguliar is an Economist/Data Scientist in the Data Group of the Department of Development Economics at the World Bank. During the last ten years, he has been working on socioeconomic analysis in topics related to poverty, welfare distribution, inequality of opportunities, development economics, and conflict economics.

He is interested in the analysis of data for policy dialog; statistical and methodological research; and the development of computational tools in Stata and R to make socioeconomic analysis intuitive, easier, and faster. Andres has contributed to building analytical portals like the LAC Equity Lab or interactive guidelines like the South Asia Region MicroData user manual. Currently, he is part of the PovcalNet team.