Rafał Szporko

Rafał Szporko

Public Finance Professional

Rafał Szporko is a seasoned professional with MS in public finance and over 20 years of experience in strategic analysis, creditworthiness analysis, long-term financial planning, and conducting Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) and feasibility studies for government organizations. His expertise extends to climate-informed public investment management, making him a vital asset in addressing the challenges posed by climate change. He has practical skills in providing consulting services in the field of economic disciplines, finance, and institutional development in multiple ECA countries.

Throughout his career, Mr. Szporko has actively contributed to numerous projects focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation. He has been instrumental in conducting comprehensive feasibility studies, evaluating project viability, and performing rigorous Cost-Benefit Analyses. His work spans various sectors, including water and sewage, stormwater management, public transport, energy efficiency, municipal waste, and more.

Rafał's experience in conducting feasibility studies and applying CBA frameworks enables him to assess the economic and environmental impacts of projects, ensuring the allocation of resources in a manner that maximizes long-term benefits while considering climate resilience goals. His expertise in financial planning, creditworthiness analysis, and institutional development further enhances his ability to provide valuable insights and strategic recommendations in climate-informed public investment management processes.

With his extensive experience, practical skills, and expertise in conducting CBA and feasibility studies, Rafał Szporko is a trusted professional who can effectively guide governments in making informed decisions and implementing sustainable projects in the face of climate change challenges.