Ravi  Gadepalli

Ravi Gadepalli

Consultant, World Bank Group

Ravi is a consultant with the World Bank Group since 2019 working on advancing public transport and electric mobility adoption in South Asia and Africa, with special emphasis on bus projects in India. He has over fifteen years of experience in the transport sector covering thematic areas like urban mobility, mass transit and climate change mitigation. In recent years, Ravi is involved in advancing several local and National-level efforts including Government of India’s aggregated procurement of ~12,000 electric buses; establishing India’s first Public Transport Service Contract (PTSC) and procuring 1,000 electric buses to transform bus services in Chennai; Supporting bus service reform and electric bus adoption in Bangladesh and Pakistan; Development of an electric bus toolkit to guide authorities in developing bankable contracts. Ravi has completed his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi on integrated planning for formal and informal public transport services. He has a Master’s degree in Transportation engineering from IIT Delhi and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Andhra University.