Shaolin Yang

Shaolin Yang

Former Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Administrative Officer (MDCAO)

Shaolin Yang was the Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Administrative Officer from February 2016 to February 2024. In this role, Shaolin Yang was responsible for a number of critical functions of the institution including: organizational strategy, budget and strategic planning, information technology, enterprise risk, shared services, corporate procurement, general services, corporate security, health and safety, ethics and business conduct, the Sanctions System, and the Internal Justice System.

In these responsibilities, Mr. Yang led the development and review of the World Bank Group’s strategic agenda through 2030, including the Forward Look, overseeing the alignment of resources with corporate strategies and commitments, including the 2018 capital package and IDA replenishment. He was responsible for the departments overseeing the health, safety and security of the Bank Group’s global staff across 140+ offices, as well as for steering World Bank Group decisions on investments and delivery of information technology and internal services to meet operational demands across the institution.

Mr. Yang also oversaw the Bank Group’s internal corporate procurement of goods and services and the Group’s shared services, leading efforts to increase organizational efficiency and resource management, as well as provide agile back office support and robust business continuity across all five Bank Group institutions. He led implementation of the Bank Group’s enterprise risk management framework and led efforts to improve operational risk awareness, management and reporting across the Bank Group. In addition, through the administration of the Bank Group’s Ethics and Business Conduct department, Sanctions System and Internal Justice System he worked to ensure a robust, fair, transparent, and ethical internal and external governance and business environment.

Mr. Yang has extensive experience and expertise in international development as well as multilateral and bilateral cooperation, including MDBs. He served as Director General for International Economic and Financial Cooperation at the Ministry of Finance of China, in charge of economic and financial cooperation between China and foreign governments as well as international financial institutions. Mr. Yang had also served as the Executive Director for China at the World Bank from 2009-2013, where he was the chair of the Committee on Governance and Executive Directors’ Administration Matters, overseeing the development and implementation of a number of corporate governance reforms. Mr. Yang had additionally served as the Alternate Governor for China at the IFAD in Rome, Italy, and as the Alternate Executive Director for China at the Asian Development Bank in Manila, the Philippines.