Shweta  Khare Naik

Shweta Khare Naik

Executive Director for Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), India

Shweta Khare Naik is the Executive Director for Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), India. A restive explorer by nature, Shweta has over 15 years of rich and diverse experience working with various government and nonprofit organizations in the environment education and biodiversity conservation space. She recently moved back to India, with a mandate to setup JGI-India, after spending 3 years working very closely with Dr. Jane Goodall and the team at JGI-Tanzania. Shweta believes that there's tremendous potential in India and its youth to take a lead and become compassionate champions for environment and sustainability and create an inclusive approach for the rest of the world to follow and emulate. When not immersed in her quests to protect all that our planet holds dear in its warm and cozy embrace, Shweta likes exploring wilderness all over again with her two young kids.