Sidiki  Soubeiga

Sidiki Soubeiga

Consultant for the World Bank and affiliate of the University of Passau

Sidiki Soubeiga is a Development Economist, with over 10 years of professional and academic experience in project development and evaluation; in designing and implementing large surveys of firms, households, and other institutions; in coordinating the execution of experimental impact evaluations of innovative interventions. He provides support for project development and analytical work for greater impacts on jobs and skills development; and conducts research on entrepreneurship, financial inclusion, targeted supports to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and, institutions and political instability. He works as a consultant for the World Bank, and is an affiliate of the University of Passau. Sidiki holds a MSc in Economics from the University of Thomas Sankara (ex. University of Ouagadougou) and a PhD in Development Economics from the University of Passau.