Tim  Ohlenburg

Tim Ohlenburg

PhD candidate in computer science at University College London

Tim is a PhD candidate in computer science at University College London, where he investigates proxy means testing. His professional interest lies in the intersection of new technology and economic policy in low- and middle-income countries, with a particular focus on social protection targeting. Tim has studied economics, business administration, and data science at the University of Edinburgh, the National University of Singapore, the London School of Economics, and University College London. He began work life as an ODI Fellow at Sierra Leone’s finance ministry, and he was more recently based in Uganda for the LSE/Oxford International Growth Centre. During his time at an economics consultancy, Tim would occasionally predict the future as a talking head on TV. He also made an ill-fated attempt to learn Mandarin in Beijing, funding his study habit with financial journalism. Over the past few years, Tim has been consulting for organizations including the World Bank, GIZ, the Harvard Kennedy School, and Oxford Policy Management.