Úna  McCarthy-Fakhry

Úna McCarthy-Fakhry

STEM Education Consultant

Úna McCarthy-Fakhry is an experienced STEM Education consultant specializing in the design and implementation of sustainable STEM programs tailored to the needs and challenges faced in developing countries. Holding a Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, with over 20 years of professional experience spanning roles in public administration, academic institutions, and the private sector, she has a wide range of skills. An advocate for women and girls in STEM, she was awarded the ‘Girls in STEM Award 2020’ from Juniper Networks for ‘creating inspiring and compelling STEM initiatives that will increase female participation in STEM activities in the future.’ Listed in the 2021 Leading Lights, Asia-Pacific Kindness & Leadership Awards, Úna brings a human-centred approach to STEM initiatives evidenced through her extensive work in Cambodia leading the delivery of the Annual Cambodia STEM Festival (2018-2021), founding STEM Sisters Cambodia, and providing technical assistance to the Cambodian government on major education projects. Una is now based in Kigali Rwanda and is channeling her expertise towards STEM initiatives in the African region.