Veronica  Michel

Veronica Michel

Economist, Jobs Group, Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice

Veronica is an Economist at Jobs Group, where she focuses on labor mobility and skills. Currently, she is part of the Rome Jobs and Labor Mobility Center and leads the “Jobs across borders” pillar. In addition, she supports research and operation design related to jobs and economic transformation and skills development. Veronica has over 10 years of experience in public policy and international development at the World Bank, the Mexican Government, and nonprofit organizations. Previously she acted as Advisor to the Minister of Finance in Mexico on topics such as health reform, women’s economic inclusion, and social protection programs. Before that, Veronica worked for organizations like Instiglio and Clínicas del Azúcar structuring results-based financing contracts to support cost-effectiveness of social interventions. She holds an MSc in Economics from the University College London.