Vijetha  Bezzam

Vijetha Bezzam

Transport Specialist, South Asia Region, World Bank Group

Vijetha is a World Bank Transport Specialist who joined the organization in 2020 and is currently working for SAR Transport GP in India. Vijetha has a wealth of knowledge and experience in climate and disaster risk management, particularly as it pertains to transportation and infrastructure. Her goal is to reduce risk by creating safer communities and long-term infrastructure. She has been aiding with the execution of lending operations as well as giving support and guidance on climate and disaster resilience initiatives for all sub-sectors of transportation (highways, rural roads, urban roads/mobility, railways, waterways, airways, and logistics). Vijetha worked for private construction and consulting firms for over a decade before joining the Bank, where she supported a wide range of national and international projects involving transport engineering & planning, traffic modelling, disaster resilience, and construction management. Vijetha has a Master of Science in Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation from the Politecnico di Milano in Italy, as well as a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering from Andhra University in India.