Zhijun  He

Zhijun He

World Bank Youth Advisory Group

Zhijun He, a Chinese national, serves as the thematic group leader of the informal sector economy at the World Bank Youth Advisory Group. He founded SeeSALT, a non-profit recognized by the Clinton Foundation and Soong Ching Ling Foundation for empowering over 500 families with financial education and entrepreneurship.

Zhijun has worked as a secretary at the 11th World Peace Forum, facilitating global leader dialogues. He has published papers on population structure, heavily indebted countries, endowment structure evolution, and post-crisis reconstruction and rehabilitation. Zhijun holds an IB Diploma from UWC Changshu China and advanced certificates from the Harris School at UChicago. He is pursuing a B.A. in International Studies and Development at Macalester College, having also studied international affairs at the Elliott School in DC for two years.