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A voice from the back of the room spoke up:
"What will you learn from these young people who are fighting today For a better tomorrow? 
What will you learn from this young community that is building,
From the ruins and crumbs of their elders' dreams?

A heavy silence settled over the room.
We hadn't thought of that one!
Really, was there nothing to learn from youth?
Is there nothing to learn from us?

In a sonorous voice tinged with emotion,
I took the floor and exclaimed:
"They will learn from us that we are valiant warriors!
Yes, because we dare to dream big, where all hope seems lost.
And, praise be to us, when the time for action comes
We seize it and seize it without a twitch!

We will be remembered as motivated women!
We, who fight so that each of our little sisters
Those of blood, soul, friendship and heart,
Have the same rights and privileges
As their brothers, big or small!

They'll learn from us that we're a committed community!
We, who fly to the aid of Mother Earth, our beloved Planet A.
We are aware that there is no Planet B,
We've decided to act, to react, to work on her behalf,
With the means at our disposal, and we're helping her to carry her voice far and wide.
A voice that says: "Enough is enough. Take care of me."

We will learn that we are men and women, agents of change!
Faced with the various challenges we face, we have decided to fight together!
Yes, we do, and we will,
Because there's strength in numbers.

Well, my dear, we'll teach you that youth
Is often synonymous with courage, bravery and ambition,
We, the youth, are aware of this.
Tribute to us!


Elsa Marina Syvine

Winner of the 2021 Blog4Dev competition from Burundi

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