Cómo trabajan los ministerios de educación con los operadores móviles, proveedores de telecomunicaciones, de servicios de internet y otros para aumentar el acceso a recursos digitales durante el…

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A substantial proportion of refugee children will be in host communities for the entirety of their schooling years.

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A class of 4 year olds and their teacher say namaste in rural Nepal.
Photo © Aisha Faquir/World Bank

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Dans une région rurale du Népal, une classe d’enfants de 4 ans et leur professeur disent namaste.
Photo © Aisha Faquir/Banque mondiale

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In 2015, the world committed to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” More than an…

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Students need to develop and practice 21st century skills, such as leadership, teamwork, and cooperative learning. (Photo: World Bank) I believe that people who are constantly on the lookout for…

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Also available in: Français | Español | 한국어 Will workers have the skills to operate new technology? Education can help. (Photo: Sarah Farhat / World Bank)​ Automation is heralding a renewed race…

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Cette page en : English | Español Les travailleurs auront-ils les savoirs adaptés aux nouvelles technologies ? L’éducation peut y apporter sa contribution ! (Photo: Sarah Farhat / World Bank) L’…

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  “For learning to happen and for values to be nurtured in classrooms, teachers and  principals need to have a mindset of excellence, ” says Jaime Saavedra, Senior Director of the World Bank…

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