Following a devastating earthquake in 2018, the World Bank is working closely with Indonesia to rebuild damaged roads and bridges, and to put disaster resilience at the heart of future…

Elena Y. Chesheva, Tomás Herrero Diez, María José Sala Pelufo, Jian Vun |

Setelah gempa bumi dahsyat tahun 2018 di Kota Palu, Bank Dunia bekerja sama dengan Pemerintah Indonesia untuk membangun kembali jalan dan jembatan yang rusak, dan memastikan ketahanan terhadap…

Elena Y. Chesheva, Tomás Herrero Diez, María José Sala Pelufo, Jian Vun |


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The COVID-19 pandemic is devastating lives and livelihoods globally. Before the pandemic, the World Bank projected that 35 million people in East Asia and the Pacific would escape poverty in 2020…

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Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous country, is becoming increasingly urban. Today, over half of the population lives in cities; by 2045, the centenary of Indonesia's…

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While disasters such as earthquakes or floods affect everyone, their impacts are unevenly felt by different population groups.

Keiko Sakoda, Bandita Sijapati |

Around 40 percent of the world’s stunted children live in South Asia, yet public policy and financing to address it has been insufficient. SAFANSI held a knowledge-sharing event on stunting where…

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