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The global economy is strengthening as it emerges from the deepest global recession since World War II. But its robust rebound in 2021 is expected to be markedly uneven.

Justin-Damien Guénette |

Evidence shows that ECE sets a strong foundation for later learning, helps make education systems more effective and efficient, and is an effective strategy for promoting economic growth.

Adelle Pushparatnam, Elaine Ding |

This week's links include several episodes of the Visible hand podcast, a new evidence file on parenting interventions, a guide to migration journals, top-earner non-response, and more...

David McKenzie |

Currently, only 3.3% of transport is powered by renewable sources. How can the transport and energy sectors coordinate more effectively to reduce emissions and protect the climate?

Jennifer Okaima Piette, Clotilde Rossi di Schio |

My first trip since the start of the pandemic was both productive and informative in equal measure. Ahead of the in-person G7 Finance Meetings in London, I first stopped in Helsinki and Moscow for…

David Malpass |

أظهرت جولتا مسح استقصائي سريع أن 74% من البلدان أفادت بتعطّل خدمات علاج الأمراض السارية، وأفادت 73% منها بتعطّل خدمات التطعيم، بينما أفادت 38% من البلدان بتعطّل علاج الأمراض غير السارية.

دنيجان دوران, ريخا مينون |

According to two rounds of a pulse survey, 74% of countries reported disruptions to communicable disease treatment, 73% reported disruptions to immunization, and 38% reported disruptions to non-…

Denizhan Duran, Rekha Menon |

To understand why many low-income households in Africa are hesitant to adopt solar power, the World Bank’s Carbon Initiative for Development and its Mind, Behavior, and Development Unit teamed up…

Jonathan Coony, Joana Sousa Lourenco, Samantha De Martino |

Fiscal discipline is again in the spotlight as countries debate how to best respond to the current COVID-19 crisis. Throughout the pandemic, many governments have relied on debt to support…

Javier Pérez Estrada, Bernardo Morais, José-Luis Peydró, Claudia Ruiz |

Việt Nam đang phải đối mặt với sự gia tăng sản xuất, tiêu thụ và thải nhựa. Rác nhựa không được xử lý tiếp tục xâm nhập vào đại dương, đe dọa đa dạng sinh học biển và làm ô nhiễm sinh vật biển.…

Carolyn Turk |