Procurement professionalization in challenging environments: The cases of Afghanistan and Nigeria (Live Event)


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The World Bank has been supporting the professionalization of public procurement to help strengthen the skills and competencies of practitioners and make the delivery of goods, services, and works to citizens more efficient.

In Afghanistan, the National Procurement Authority, through Civil Services Commission, has developed a Procurement Cadre Regulation and recruited about 1000 procurement staff. The National Procurement Institute has developed systematic training, certification, and accreditation of staff. This was part of the Fiscal Performance Support Project with support from the World Bank.

In Nigeria, the World Bank-funded Sustainable Procurement, Environmental and Social Standards Enhancement Project (SPESSE) is supporting six federal universities to graduate 21,240 students in Procurement, Environmental and Social Standards (PES). The project is also helping central government agencies to commence professionalization programs in PES.


Alham Omar Hotaki, CEO and Director General of the National Procurement Authority (NPA) of Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Ahmad Shah Naqshbandi, Deputy for Professionalization (NPA)

Dr. Joshua Atah, National Coordinator of the Sustainable Procurement, Environmental and Social Standards Enhancement (SPESSE) Project in Nigeria

Aliyu E. Aliyu, Director, Regulations, Database and ICT Department of Nigeria Bureau of Public Procurement



Kim Phan, Director of the International Law Institute

Prof. Dermot Cahill, Head of Strategy, HelpUsTrade, and Former Founder Director, Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies, Bangor University, UK

Uwingeneye Joyeuse, Director General of Rwanda Public Procurement Authority

James Kaloki, Ag. CEO, Kenya Institute of Supplies Management, Nairobi, Kenya


Vinay Sharma, Global Director, Governance Procurement, World Bank


A K Kalesh Kumar, Senior Procurement Specialist, World Bank


For more information about the event and the World Bank's work on public procurement, check out: Procurement Professionalization in Challenging Environments: The Cases of Afghanistan and Nigeria & Procurement for Development. We'd love to hear from you! Provide your comments and questions on this page.


Nicholas Nam

External Affairs Specialist

Mohammad Hamid " Alim Khail"
March 01, 2021

I am looking and waiting for this meaningful conversation,
thanks from NPA Afghanistan.

Altar A. wontumi
March 01, 2021

i will be grateful to be part of this program and I pray in future I will also get the opportunity to be part of the trainees.

March 01, 2021

Good Initiative, i would be glad to participate
i'm ready to participe

March 01, 2021

The subject is interesting.

Delphin Ntwari
March 01, 2021

i would like to be participate to the conversation

Ishaq Khan
March 01, 2021

I would like to be part of such global platform to discuss about challenging environment.

Santigie Conteh
March 01, 2021

happy to be part of this valuable discussion.

Manoj Pandey
March 01, 2021

I like to participate in this VC ,

Muhammad Homayun Suliamankhil
March 02, 2021


Toni Hartadi
March 02, 2021

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Maman Sarkin B H Souley
March 02, 2021

C'est une très bonne initiative de partage d'expérience. Je souhaite y participer

Dylan Harris Jr
March 02, 2021

I will like to be part of the conversation

Phiwengesihle Mashabane
March 02, 2021

Participating in this initiative will be of great value to any country.

Shankar Yadav
March 02, 2021

I am interested for this webinar

March 02, 2021

A very good initiative, I would like to participate.

Reena Mataio
March 02, 2021

It is a great opportunity for me to join in to this discussion meeting. I am super excited to be part of this conversation and happy to learn more. Thanks for the invitation.

ismail umar jarengol
March 03, 2021

will be glad to join the conversation. i don't know if i can get the transcript of the presentations!!

Hemayatullah Hemat
March 03, 2021

I would be pleased to participate here

Hemayatullah Hemat Abdulrahimzai
March 03, 2021

i wanna to joint this event

Joseph Clarkson Momoh
March 03, 2021

thanks for considering me to this all important programme.
I really appreciate the programme, as i look forward to seeing it materialised.
Joseph Clarkson Momoh
Procurement Liaison Advisor, (AMISOM)
Mission Headquaters, Mogadishu Somalia

Naseer Ahmad Sharafat
March 03, 2021

It would be worthwhile listening to the discussion.

March 03, 2021

it would be good information for precurement staff

Ahmad Jawid Amarkhil
March 03, 2021

I would like to join the conversation as procurement member

Khairuddin khairkhwa
March 03, 2021

I would like to hear what is the solution for the bottleneck item that most of the time very limited supplier, low competition because the goods or services import from other countries

Ahmed Lawal
March 03, 2021

Good morning sir, please how do I join the virtual meeting. Thanks

March 03, 2021

Hello Ahmed. You can watch the event here where it will be streamed.

Ahmed Lawal
March 03, 2021

Thanks, I watched it live and it was quite educative. Hope to join more of similar conversation organized by WGO in the future.

Nelson Kande
March 03, 2021

be happy to be part of the conversation

Nelson Kande
March 03, 2021

happy to be part of conservation

Uche Patrick-Obikile
March 03, 2021

I am interested and waiting patiently for the learning curves from here.

Ololade Allen-Alebiosu
March 03, 2021

This is great!!!

March 03, 2021

we can see anything

Kunle Adeoye
March 03, 2021

This is actually needed now

Stephen South
March 03, 2021

I believe it is good to listen to opinions and views on a interesting subject.

Owolabi Olufunke Yemisi
March 03, 2021

I am glad to join the conversation.

Olufunke Owolabi
March 03, 2021

A very good initiative.

Adeyonu Adedokun Adeyemi
March 03, 2021

It a welcome development that will address so many issues in Nigeria. It is my pleasure to be part of the discussion

dada adejoro
March 03, 2021

I will be available to watch the event and participate fully.

Irfan Saeed
March 03, 2021

I am from Pakistan working in Govt. sector as a Senior Administrator

March 03, 2021

This is my first time I would participate in the conversation, I would be very happy to fully partake in today's discussion, long life world Bank, long life Nigeria.

dada adejoro
March 03, 2021

Unable to join the verbena please

March 03, 2021

Great subject !

How to register and attend the Webinar ? Please share the connection details.


March 03, 2021

Hi Danny, you do not need to register. You can watch the event directly here where the event will be streamed.

Akinmoji Ibukun
March 03, 2021

Kudos to the World Bank for your Supports, I wish to be part of the student to benefit in the World Bank-funded sustainable Procurement, Environmental and Social Standards Enhancement Project (SPESSE).
Agt. Procurement Officer
Ondo State Bureau of Public Procurement,

Sadiq Saidu
March 03, 2021

Thanks for your invitation, I'm glad to join the event

AVAMASSE Adjai Benjamin
March 03, 2021

This initiative is very interesting and paramount for the procurement professionalization. I appreciate to be associated with this outstanding debate on exchanging ideas to how to develop this weak link of the chain of a range of reforms undertaken for years in the field of public procurement.
I'm from Benin Republic and working in Abuja in as Field Procurement Officer at he Regional Hub of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)a bout two years.
I'm graduated from ITC/ILO and University of Turin. I have been in a recent past Chair of Public Procurement Commission in the Ministry of Finance and Housing before resumed in IsDB.
The procurement professionalization is a tricky issue I have been engaging in as I have been a lecturing in different national and regional universities for ten years.
The most important challenges we are facing in this area of procurement professionalization are the following:
1- a clear and contextualized training schemes to get at the end of a training programs well equipped professionals with the relevant and need knowledge and know-how to start up procurement activities in regard with the core and universal procurement principles for the improvement of a given economy,
2- the training of the trainers remains an unsettled issue since the training curricula are not clearly set in most of the developing countries,
3- The knowledge of the right need of procurement professionals in our workforce places, is still a challenge to overcome,
4- As the need of procurement professionals is mostly raised in public sectors, the governments although fail to set up a career path and relevant salaries and benefits to balance with the ethical, anticorruption and sometimes criminal threatens imposed on the procurement professionals resulting from the reforms undertaken in our countries.

Omer A. Bilbas
March 03, 2021


santhanam krishnan
March 03, 2021


P.W.K. Tharinduni
March 03, 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am interested in the webinar regarding the captioned matter.


March 03, 2021

Could u ask from Hotaki Saib, regarding requirements of 1000 cader , how they process requirements process. We have one word in our local language Wasita it mean when u know some one at national procurement Authority u can get assigned very easy.
2 please ask from hotaki, there is no only procurement authority in Afghanistan, all governmental administration have procurement directorate, which responsible for NPA and own administration, but don’t getting capacity building, some time all allocated fund and budget transfer to WB due to mismanagement.
I have a lot of questions but can’t join this event