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Nicholas Nam

External Affairs Specialist

A K M A Hamid
January 08, 2021

I am interested to read good governance Article, can you send me please.

David Harold Chester
January 08, 2021

When we become aware of some kind of corruption and we cannot stop it, our immediate reaction is that we want to join in too! and that we too are justified in immoral behavior. This leads to everyone looking out for ways of getting a free lunch at someone else's expense. This suggests that it would take a lot of better teaching to stop most people from the frustration that results in their attitude to the corruptors being so negative.

And this includes the banks whose situation is that due to the way modern money has changed into debt money which is temporary and carries with it some returning interest. Except for the regular kinds of slumps and depressions, when investment is lost, the banks will always grow more wealthy in what their returning interest is providing them for more investment.

Clearly the two functions of banking--helping private individuals with the safe storage and later use of their accounts--and the second function as investors, should be separated and the investment aspect not be possible through the use of saved and temporary money.

January 08, 2021

action commun auteur- ADSGROUP-DR Congo village lutte contre la pauvreté

Udayan Dewan
January 08, 2021

Yes, this is a big issue to discuss how government works to eradicate poverty. Governments are working for decades according to MDGs and now SDGs targets. But it's more important how collaboratively and strategically government is implementing to end poverty. In this regard, Gov needs to ensure good governance to accelerate it's growth. Developing its financial and industrial sectors are also important for it's development. It means both public and private sectors need a collaboration to end poverty and enhance the economy.

Birhanu Aseffa Haile
January 08, 2021

We drought 2020 with big challenge like covid 19 un acsepebl wricisem & more I hope 2021 will be better.