Webinar on Recent Trends and Outlook for Remittances Flows


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The Migration and Remittances Team of the Development Prospects Group of the World Bank invites you to a WEBINAR on Recent Trends and Outlook for Remittances Flows.

Presenter: Mr. Dilip Ratha, Lead Economist and Manager Migration & Remittances Team (DECPG)

Location: MC8-100
Time: April 28, 2010 - 10:00am

The session will present recent trends and the outlook for remittance flows to developing countries from the Migration and Development Brief 12 released on April 23, 2010. There will be a Q&A session to respond to questions from the audience.

Only registered users and accepted guests may participate in the Webinar. Please RSVP prior to the session by sending an email to Ms. Mary Ann Van Oordt ([email protected]).

Please use the following URL to log in to this meeting: http://worldbankva.na4.acrobat.com/decpgmigration


Sanket Mohapatra

Associate Professor, IIM Ahmedabad

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