Bhagwati on Sachs, Easterly and aid


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Jagdish_bhagwati Question: What do you think about professor Jeffrey Sachs' argument for a dramatic increase in foreign aid? Do you side with William Easterly in the debate?

Answer: My reaction is: plague on both your houses! […] I doubt professor Sachs ever pays attention to [...] sophisticated objections, always dismissing those who raise them as if they were wicked conservatives with horns and no brains. But Easterly is equally wrong in arguing that aid hardly works.

The full interview with Mr. Bhagwati is here.

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October 31, 2007

I don't know what Mr. Bhagwati's credentials are, but I've never seen him on the cover of a magazine with Angelina Jolie.

December 15, 2007

pablo, you obviously have no idea who Prof Bhagwati is, and that is ok, because if you think that being on the cover of a magazine with Angelina Jolie is a credential for development workers, then maybe Brad Pitt, Shiloh or Paris Hilton should be talking about development. Why dont you read a little first?