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Aly Rahim

Practice Manager, Social Development, West Africa

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Aly Rahim is the World Bank’s Practice Manager heading the Social Development unit for West Africa. He oversees the unit’s work which includes social sustainability/risk management under the Bank’s new Environmental and Social Framework and Safeguards policies, community-driven development, social inclusion, and fragility, conflict and violence among other key themes.

Aly most recently served as Assistant to the President of the World Bank Group, Jim Kim, serving as executive office focal point and lead of key practices, themes and geographic areas. Working with the leadership of the organization, he led the Office of the President’s engagement on major milestones including World Bank pledges under the Paris Climate Treaty, the passage of the Environmental and Social Framework, and the establishment of multibillion-dollar global financing vehicles for fragility/conflict and forced displacement.

Aly previously specialized as a Task Team Leader in development/recovery analysis and operations in fragile/conflict-affected situations and community-driven development for infrastructure and services. This included leading Bank analytic work and projects in Africa, South Asia, and the Caucasus/Central Asia.

Aly also previously served in the Canadian Foreign Service, serving as a specialist in post-conflict reconstruction for Sudan and subsequently Afghanistan.

Aly holds a Master’s degree in International Security, focusing on conflict/war-to-peace transitions from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and a Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth.