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Jana Kunicova

Senior Public Sector Specialist

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Jana Kunicová is a Senior Public Sector Specialist specializing in regional integration, digital economy, and center-of-government reforms.  Since joining the Bank in 2006, she has worked on various aspects of improving public sector performance, including service delivery, strategic planning, public administration, anti-corruption systems, and political economy analysis. Jana has led teams to deliver lending operations, helped develop country strategies, and authored major analytical reports, including a global flagship on public sector performance. Her work took her to over 40 countries across Africa, Europe and Central Asia, and East Asia and Pacific, including a three-year stint at the Bank’s Global Knowledge and Research Hub in Kuala Lumpur.  Jana holds a PhD in comparative political economy from Yale University. When not working to improve public sector performance, she is most likely outside enjoying the mountains, or training for her next triathlon.