Joy ten Berge, Senior Economic Advisor to the Government of Suriname

Joy ten Berge

Senior Economic Advisor to the Government of Suriname

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Joy ten Berge is a Senior Economic Advisor to the Government of Suriname. She holds a Master’s in Development Economics from the International Institute of Social Studies (The Hague). Her career spans working in Suriname and abroad. As Head of Research at the Central Bank of Suriname she and her team were involved with macroeconomic, social and structural policy preparation and advice for Suriname’s first home-grown structural adjustment program. Suriname had been independent for less than 15 years. For the International Monetary Fund she has delivered technical assistance to countries in Central and South America in the area of money and banking statistics, and strengthening the dissemination of macroeconomic data and metadata. Ms. Ten Berge also has been a member of IMF teams for developing and monitoring lending programs to Eastern European and Central Asian countries. She worked in the Dutch central bank’s Financial Stability department during the unleash of the 2007-2008 global financial crisis. Ms. Ten Berge’s return to public policy planning and implementation in Suriname, she views as a pinnacle of humbleness and satisfaction because of giving back to a society and people where she first learned and practiced the steps of a development economist. “Economic growth and richness should be grass-root driven and we are still developing both public and private production to deliver higher societal well-being in our own territory.” She contributed to the blog building on this experience, amongst others.