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Building an #EndPovertyMosaic – Together

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Every October, the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF) come together for our joint Annual Meetings. There, thousands of delegates from around the globe convene to discuss the world’s most pressing challenges in the quest to End Poverty.

These discussions, covering dozens of sectors in every region of the world, offer many innovative solutions that affect millions – if not billions – of people globally. Looking back, all the small gains from many initiatives from 1990 to 2013 led to a reduction of global extreme poverty of more than one billion people.

And just like those initiatives came together to form a bigger picture, we are calling on YOU to help us create a bigger picture of our own throughout the Annual Meetings, and leading up to End Poverty Day on October 17.

Every person deserves a fair chance in life and your photo can make a difference by raising awareness on ending poverty. So, from October 11 – 13, we’ll be creating an interactive mosaic built entirely of photos submitted by you and attendees of the Annual Meetings.

With the 25th anniversary of End Poverty Day falling just days after the meetings, the opportunity to create some real momentum around the goal to end extreme poverty – one of the World Bank Group’s twin goals, and SDG #1 – is palpable. Help us create a beautiful monument to hope, inspire leaders to stay committed, and build momentum to 2030.

How does it work?

For three days, we’ll be collecting and assembling photos posted on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #EndPovertyMosaic on a giant billboard in the Atrium of our Washington DC headquarters.

Help us create the final 15-foot by 5-foot art installation one square at a time: Submit a photo of you to tell the world that we can be the generation that ends poverty in our lifetime.

And, you can follow along even if you aren’t at the Annual Meetings. Check out the interactive feed of submissions at to see your photos along with the thousands of others submitted.

Contribute as many times as you’d like, and share this blog post to encourage others to participate.

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Submitted by Scholastica Namarome on

Poverty starts diminishing the day we crush that mega elephant that exists only in our minds.#EndPovertyMosaic

Submitted by Dr. Kavithakrishnamoorthy on

To end poverty,make sure to give free education and free employment to atleast one person in each family along with free family healthcare.

Submitted by Laquita Christian on

I would like to know more about how to help with this endeavor.

Submitted by Oroma Glory on

I encourage everyone with access to farming to embrace farming be it subsistence or commercial because without proper and guided food security, our money and efforts are in vain. I love farming and so I have adequate food security in my home even without a formaljob. What are you waiting for? Together we can END POVERTY right from grass roots.

Be blessed.

Submitted by krishna kant on

poverty eradication should be the goal of every human beings even if he/she is suffering the same.

Submitted by krishna kant on

poverty eradication should be the goal of every human beings even if he/she is suffering the same.

Submitted by Robin Mbera on

It really great idea. But I'm just impressed if World Bank will work directly with entrepreneurs directly without banks. Banks on the release the funds appropriately.

Submitted by Ky on

End poverty . End poverty , each life and living person should have right to breathe air , eat food and water, wear clothes , proper shelter not affecting them by change of weather , education .
Those who have a lot and those who have nothing . Nothing should end cause the world is equally equal to all human beings .

Submitted by Mohammed Awwal Suleiman on

Leaders should be educated that the office hold is help the poor not oppressed them. I do believe we can end poverty. Long live HUMANITY....
Long live world Bank.

Submitted by Doris Gbemiloye on

Ending Poverty can be achieve, if our leaders and people will work together with Integrity. Our leaders should look inward!

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