Corruption Hunters: A Virtual Discussion


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Over the past year, the World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency has set up Regional Corruption Hunters Alliances in different parts of the world.  This alliance brings together anticorruption officials who can support Bank efforts in protecting the integrity of its projects.  The Bank will convene the first meeting of the International Corruption Hunters Alliance in December 2010 under the theme: Time for Action. 

For the next 10 days, we will host a virtual discussion on this blog, to focus on some of the issues that are relevant to the work of the ICHA members and the global anticorruption momentum that the Bank and other development partners are contributing to.


Dina Elnaggar

Senior Communications Officer, Integrity Vice Presidency

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Eleanor Rachel R. Marfil
November 26, 2010

The National Bureau of Investigation based in Manila Philippines has relied on the international cooperation of countries particularly the Interpol to identify corrupt subjects and determination of their whereabouts outside the borders of the country.

Government agencies which the NBI Investigators are contrained with red tape and bureaucracy in the gathering of evidence or procurement of records as basis to prove the corrupt act.

The ANTI-WIRETAPPING ACT in the Philippines was approved on June 15, 1965, It has remained in the statutes. However, the law had not been effectively useful for investigators.

It is with great expectation that this conference would enable investigators in the Philippines to identify transnational corruption and prosecute high ranking officials of government. The cooperation of member nations and investigators would ensure the arrest of those accountable for corruption.

Respectfully submitted:

Atty. Eleanor Rachel R. Marfil
Chief, Anti-Graft Division
National Bureau of Investigation
Manila, Philippines
email: [email protected]