Empowering Women in the World


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When women do well, everyone benefits. Giving women access to better jobs and financial security are keys to ending poverty. Gender gaps harm the entire economy. We know that when women control the finances, they tend to spend money on the things that matter most – essential food and water, school fees and health care for the family. It’s amazing what small changes can do – a mobile money account opens up the ability to get small loans, buy insurance, and make payments. The World Bank is working to empower women around the world, supporting women entrepreneurs in Pakistan and supporting women and their families with cash cards in Lebanon.

To find out more tune in to my conversation with Ajay Banga, CEO of MasterCard at 11:25 on April 7. Our conversation is part of the Women in the World Summit

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April 07, 2017

Nothing makes me happy than the joy of hearing a woman being empowered or has shunned cultural practices that belittles the female gender like GBV. Personally, I started a pre school in my home village here in Kenya with an objective of providing education to children who are from poor backgrounds and gender-based violence homes. All are welcome to support and give their views on this project. Thank you

Angapat Raghu Menon
April 14, 2017

The women is the great value to run the family with the earners to run the house economy to give food to children, Education, health and other needs of the House.
So some extend the poverty will be reduced in the home needs. Giving good job to the women, and women enterprenuers and those of self earnings can reduce the poverty in the home and their family.

Masood Soomro
April 15, 2017

Nice initiative and excellent plan to empowered women with financial stability and socio-economic uplift of female gender.