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Do you often wonder what kind of job you will have when you grow up? Do you think your school is preparing you for the work you may do in the future? What will classrooms and teachers of the future be like? Do you think there are better ways to learn? Do you have inspired and imaginative ideas to re-invent education? Are you between the ages of 16 and 19 and currently enrolled in high school or a secondary education institution?

If this sounds like you, then enter our blog writing contest! The World Bank Group and the Financial Times are hosting a competition for our future leaders.  We want young people with brilliant ideas and solutions, who will be most affected by the changing nature of jobs and skills to share their perspective on what could help better prepare them for the future.

Why are we running this competition? Technology is rapidly changing the world we live in and bringing us many opportunities, but we also need to adapt to these changes.  The jobs of the future will be different from the ones today and we will need to learn new things and develop new skills to excel at them. This builds on the recently launched Human Capital Project as well as the World Bank’s World Development Reports on The Changing Nature of Work and LEARNING to Realize Education’s Promise.

There is a growing body of research on what we need as a global community to be ready for the future. Leaders and policy makers are engaged and actively looking for answers to better prepare their citizens for an uncertain future. But, the people who will be most affected are today’s high school students and those who follow them. This is why we wanted to ask you what you think will better prepare you for your future.

So, tell us in your own words: What do you want to learn? What kinds of jobs do you want and what kinds of jobs do you think will exist when you are older? What will best prepare you and the students that come after you, to adapt and thrive in tomorrow’s world.

We want your creativity and your originality. Send us:

• A strong blog or essay, that is no longer than 500 words.

• Photos, videos, visualizations that help support your story, are optional.

• Your name, age, school, email, and country you live in.

The deadline for submissions is January 31st, 2019. Entries will be judged by a high-level panel comprised of senior officials at the World Bank, Financial Times and select partners.

You could win a chance at being published in the Financial Times and the World Bank Blogs, and attending, the World Bank Group/IMF Spring Meetings in Washington D.C. in April 2019, with your expenses covered.

For more information on entering the competition and to submit your entry, click here. You can also register your school here to receive free subscriptions of the Financial Times for students at any time:



Arathi Sundaravadanan

Senior External Affairs Officer, World Bank

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Ruth Flomo
December 07, 2018

Thanks for this great initiative, which I believe is an eye opener for young people to re-shift thoughts about career path they want to pursue. I am from Liberia, and live and attend school in Monrovia. I have interest and will submit my entry in line with your deadline.
Kind regards

Abdikadir Issa Farah
May 23, 2019

This topic calls for motivation of young children, and ensures to cultivate fresh minds that are full wisdoms and creativity. Many thanks to those initiated

Safa Swaid
December 07, 2018

What kind of support will you provide to assist in the transformation of coal use to natural gas in the poorer African countries? [email protected]

December 07, 2018

I like your work by humanity. Really good work.

Dare William
December 08, 2018

Thanks for this great opportunity. We are already to partner with you in order to bring this noble vision into a reality.

Fred Sagwe
December 08, 2018

Fantastic initiative..!!

Thammineni Goutham
December 13, 2018

I think the future revolves around the Artificial Intelligence and Robots. The Education System should adopt these future contents. Robots going to replace humans and even Our minds with Artificial Intelligence. We just kept believing in Machines and Using Humans. Hope future should be in humans with wisdom not money. Thank you.

Daniel Oketa
May 23, 2019

Great. Can we discuss further on this: 'focus on humans with wisdom not money' please oketadaniels

December 14, 2018

I'm university student and I want to participate in this competition , can I participate ??

Zaila Dini
December 20, 2018

Dear WB,
Thank your for this amazing initiative. This is a great opportunity for high school students everywhere. It's a chance for them to leave an imprint while still at such a young age.
It's noble idea to encourage children to bring out their creative side and feel valued in terms of others to have interest on their academic work. As things cost so much these days, it would have been great if the prizes were announced just like you would announce grown-up contest/nomination winning prize.
From an experience, kids will go hard at it when there is an enticing element to the competition-youth nowadays follow sports stories closely where their sport playing young idols are reported to earn so much money. If an essay competition winner from high school wins, say $1000 or $400 for 500 word write up and gives most of that money to his/her family, it will be a story of a lifetime for the younger's neighborhood, village or town.
Please announce the prizes with categories or creative some now if not though about before.
Zaila, Youth Educator

Mohamed Abdullahi
December 28, 2018

When I was 19 years old I wish to be an engineer
Now I’m back home (somaliya) after getting scholarship from Turkey and I finished Electrical engineering,

December 29, 2018

I'm undergraduate student can I participate ?

Susan Francis
December 30, 2018

This opportunity should exist for teachers to blog and post as well :)

J Nicolas Diaz Marcos
January 01, 2019

I encourage any good initiative in helping children to an excellent education. it is also necessary that the governments get involved in the projects ..! that tomorrow these children are examples in your countries and do not have to immigrate ..!

fruition incluxive corner
January 05, 2019

This can help my students down here in the country

Atef El Shitany
January 12, 2019

Thank you to anyone who has thought of this unique initiative. Because young people are the ones who own the future, they have to be involved in shaping it to suit their dreams

January 15, 2019

Hi, I am a university student, can I participate?

Muhammad Babajiya
January 17, 2019

Incredible, very interested am in

January 20, 2019

Teacher should have authorites like police like korea

Nyaluak Stephen
January 25, 2019

Thanks for reading the minds of the new generation, I'm sure this will finally make them realize the next level they are stepping to and take the opportunity to change the future careers for the better.

January 27, 2019

I am a highschool student, a president of the Supreme Student government.. In short I'm a Student leader.. UPon my concern.. The way of teaching or a teaching strategy varies from diferrent country.. For example I'm here in the Philippines.. So I guess the learning satisfaction and learning competencies is not put as in the limit.. So many student were lazy to attend class.. So it affect the future .. Then.. As of know.. We are in the 21st century.. Where technology is here. There and everywhere.. We can used it as one way of gaining knowledge.. Thee are also schools used the internet.. Or also known as OEd.. Or online education.. But the true essence of learning is not all about gaining knowledge.. But how to perform it. .. Because..learning.. Is just an input.. Then how they can make an output.. That's the problem. In the future generation.. We will face the world of digital.. Where in.. Of all this will be based on technology.. Then.. Human value will decrease.. Because of robots.. Then.. The labor force will also declined.. Then.. We should consider. That we create things for our convenience.. Not to eliminate us.. Specially all Haman's..
Can I join??

January 29, 2019

Greetings from R.V.Institute of Management,Bangalore
Very good initiative to visualize tomorrows classrooms. We shall take the information during our rural visit programmes and share them with the children in the schools there.
Thank you
Assistant Professor
Coordinator,RVIM Centre for Social Responsibility
R.V.Institute of Management

Maksym Kuzhdin
February 01, 2019

Hello! I've got a problem submitting my work. The rules stated that I will be able to send my essay by midnight, but the form closed half an hour earlier. When I tried to contact the email mentioned in the application, I got an automated response that I am not in the contacts list of the recipient and therefore I cannot contact him. What do I do?

Eszter Rimanyi
February 01, 2019

I'm a student at Carrboro High School and I made an account but wasn't able to submit my blog and now the deadline has passed. My essay was done before the deadline and I've been trying to reach out to someone about my situation. Is there any way my essay could still be considered? Thanks for reading my request.

February 03, 2019

I'm a participant in the competition and I would like to know when and how the winner will be announced.

February 11, 2019

When will be the result announced of the above mentioned blog writing competition ?

January 20, 2019

Will the participating students get certificates?

January 20, 2019

Will participating students get certificates?

Emmanuella Chisom James
March 28, 2019

Hello! I submitted an essay for this contest and of really love to know if and when results will be out. Thanks.

Tinotenda Dzikiti
July 01, 2019

Dear beloved World Bank Blog members. It is my hope and wish that, though i am at university, i'd get an opportunity to participate in one of the competitions that follow. Eager to express myself.

Nihal Singh
July 01, 2019

Thanks for the article to join the world bank group financial times blog writing competition for the high school students. It is really very useful for the students.

michael lulseged
September 10, 2021

I would like to say thank you for present. this program for young leader and change maker. i'm from Ethiopia and i learn in member st. Gabriel high school in grade 10th student I hope I will shy on this program.

Dagnachew Kebede
September 10, 2021

I thanks in advance for great initiative Special for African Students those Have highly uneducated society is high.I am from Ethiopia and Live in Addis Ababa. I have attend School in Addis Ababa .I have interest and will submit my entry in line with your deadline.
kind regards