October 12, 2020: The 2020 World Bank Group-IMF Annual Meetings


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Today marks the official start of the 2020 World Bank Group-IMF Annual Meetings. With COVID-19 driving a rise in poverty for the first time in two decades, we are focused on a fast and broad response. We also see a unique pandemic of inequality that has hit the poor hardest, and rising debt burdens in developing countries which will hurt their ability to recover.

Our meetings will be focused on the actions needed to build a strong foundation for a Resilient Recovery that can lift all countries and all people. I hope many of you will be able to join the discussions we are having with governments, the private sector and civil society through https://live.worldbank.org.

Ahead of our meetings, I shared my thoughts on our response in my positioning speech, as well as in interviews with El Pais (Spanish), CNBC, and Bloomberg.

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