We Children Can Help Other Children Too


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​Hi, my name is Mateo. I am 9 years old. Every night my mom reads me a story.  Many times she tells me a story about how some boys are fortunate to be born rich, and some are not. My mom always reminds me that I am among the fortunate.  My mom helps a program called the Program Keluarga Harapan that teaches less fortunate mothers to educate their kids. The less fortunate mothers work extra hard, because they want their children to have a better future than them.

I remember their story when I am at school, especially when I am working on my business.  Yes, my friends and I run a business!  It’s called the Blue Dragon Mall, and it’s located in our school, the Jakarta International School. We the students shop there. Parents and teachers also shop there. 

Our business is renting computers for other students to play Minecraft. Each kid pays Rp 10,000 ($1) for 10 minutes of play-time.  It turns out that many kids want to play Minecraft!  We bring the laptops from home, borrowed from our parents.   

Our business is running really well, we made lots of money! The total is over Rp 1 million ($100).  Every shop in Blue Dragon Mall donates to charity, such as Kampung Kids.  That’s when I remembered what my mom told me -- that children can help other children, too. So I talked to my friends and asked them if we can use our money to help other children, children who are poor.

When I asked my mom how we can help, she said that the money can be used to print a little book. The book shows the poor families how to educate children better.  With her office, my mom had already printed lots of copies to be distributed. But they always need more. Our money can be used to print extra copies, so that more families can be helped.

I was so happy when the boys in my group agreed with my idea. They gave all their money to me, to print the books. Here is the picture of the envelope: 

My mom then took me to a printing company - a real one! With the money provided we were able to print an extra 145 sets of books.  One teaches how to manage the family’s money, and another one shows how to educate children. Below is the invoice I paid directly to the printing company.

Then we helped pack up the books, so that we can deliver them in person. 

I am so happy that we boys of the Dragon Mall are able to help other kids.  Yes, we children can help other children too! 
Children Helping Other Children


Mateo Fernandez

Student at Jakarta International School

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Solomon Aina
November 17, 2014

Bravo! This is so inspiring and touching. There is hope for this world when the children are taught the right way as this. A big thanks to Mateo's mother for showing the way.

Mathys B
December 03, 2014

You have inspired me by helping families. I should, everybody should help less fortunate people in this world.
Mathys B

Yijun Chung
November 18, 2014

Great! It is really interesting and very
inspiring. I think Mateo learnt about caring poor people from his parents really well.

November 12, 2014

Very awesome to get kids involved at a young age. Its a great opportunity to give back especially as a little money goes a long way in Indonesia.

Ann Kele
November 13, 2014

Help yourself with helping the world ! Know your national interests contributing to the world's development.

November 13, 2014

Wow!! Very inspiring, indeed!! So proud of these kids to be thinking about helping others at a very young age! The world has a really bright future if kids grow up to be like Mateo and hos friends!! Bless you all and hope you continue the good work and helping others until you are all grown ups!

Lulu F. Pablo
November 19, 2014

Mateo, you and your friends are very inspiring! You make your parents proud. What a wonderful project.
Tarcisio and Luisa, congratulations. You have a wonderful son.

March 17, 2015

Dear Lulu, thanks so much for your message. We are very proud of what mateo did and of his own initiative.
best, Luisa

Ester Fitrinika
November 13, 2014

So touching story. I believe Mateo learned a good empathy from his parents. He learns about how to care of others especially to the children whom are not fortunate. May this 'real story' can be replicated to other 'fortunate' children, so that it can give great impact to other 'unfortunate' children in Indonesia and around the world. "A good seeds that have sowed will never vain....".

November 14, 2014

Bravo Mateo!!!!!!

November 15, 2014

The challenge is how to make the mothers read.