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Ask the experts! Upcoming MENA Forum on Economic and Political Transitions

ImageThe year 2011 will be remembered as the year of the Arab Spring. Revolutions brought new governments to Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, while a number of other governments in the region introduced important reforms.  The peoples’ demands are clear: democracy, dignity, better governance, and a more inclusive growth model.  Now is the time to deliver. Yet, the political, economic and social developments are shifting and it is not clear how the population’s heightened expectations can be met. 

In these changing circumstances, what do those inside the region consider to be key priorities, and which policies can catalyze sustainable and inclusive growth and promote job creation? What are the specific governance challenges of the region and how can they be addressed? Are there experiences from other countries that MENA can learn from? In particular, are there some quick wins?  Are there mistakes that can be averted?  How should development assistance respond in the aftermath of the Arab Spring? 

These are the questions that will be addressed by a panel of world-class experts during the upcoming forum on Economic and Political Transitions in the Middle East and North Africa, which will be held on March 14that the World Bank Headquarters at the Preston Auditorium.

We are looking for your input to make sure we are asking the relevant questions; please write your questions and observations here, on the MENA Facebook wall, or submit them in an email to Even if you cannot attend in person, we welcome your input.

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Caroline Freund

Dean of the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy

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