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Voices from Yemeni Civil Society

Civil society organizations in Yemen are among the most vibrant and dynamic in the Middle East and North Africa region. International experience has shown that they have a vital role to play in meeting the complex development challenges facing the country. One of the first steps is building a working partnership with the government. This selection of civil society voices outlines their approach to building that partnerships and meeting the challenges ahead. 

Why is accountability vital to development? The director of the Department of Social Accountability at the World Bank, Jeffrey Thindwa offers his insights on this critical relationship.
Jeffrey Thindwa

How can Yemen build a genuine and effective partnership between civil society and government? Dr Intlaq Mohammed Mutawakkil, member of the National Dialogue, outlines a number of ways forward.
Dr Intlaq Mohammed Mutawakkil

How can partnerships between civil society organizations and the government in Yemen improve service delivery to citizens? The President of the Center for Studies and Economic Media, Mustafa Nasr, weighs in on this question.
Mustafa Nasr

President of the organization Fardos to empower women, Sameera Nasr Abdullah, addresses the value of having a space in which to build channels of communication with the government.
Sameera Nasr Abdullah

Where does Yemen stand today in fully integrating civil society into policy making and implementation? Zaafaran Zayed, President of the Foundation to Empower Yemeni Women (Tamkin), discusses the progress made thus far.
Zaafaran Zayed

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