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What happened at the Jobs Live Chat?

We needed more time.

Employment is a critical issue in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and our live web chat on the issue drew participants from all over the region. The dialogue was engaging, with questions and comments coming from as far afield as Egypt, Lebanon and Kaserine, in Tunisia’s interior.

The conversation quickly zeroed in on key themes such as education, and whether it was providing the right skills for today’s jobs, how to promote growth in the private sector and make it more attractive to prospective employees, and the relationship between unemployment and social stability.

It gave us plenty to think about.

The only thing we lacked was enough time to explore fully all the issues raised, but this is by no means the end of our engagement. We invite anyone who missed the chat to check out the full transcript here, and we look forward to carrying on the conversation through our blog series on jobs and on our Facebook platform.

[[avp asset="/content/dam/videos/mna/2018/jun/jobs_live_chat_in_action_hd.flv"]]/content/dam/videos/mna/2018/jun/jobs_live_chat_in_action_hd.flv[[/avp]]

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