Development Marketplace seeks volunteers to help assess innovative climate change ideas

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Development Marketplace (DM) is a competitive grants program administered by the World Bank that identifies and funds innovative, early-stage projects that deliver results and have a high potential for scale-up.

This year's global competition on Climate Adaptation (DM 2009) focuses on (i) Resilience of Indigenous People's Communities to Climate Risks; (ii) Climate Risk Management with Multiple Benefits; and (iii) Climate Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management.

For every annual DM global competition, over 200 assessors (including some World Bank staff) volunteer to review proposals and select finalists. We are seeking development professionals with expertise in climate change adaptation to help identify the 100 finalists. Assessors commit to volunteer approximately 5-7 hours between June 4-10, 2009 to review 30-40 proposals  and submit online the ranking of their top eight most innovative proposals.

There is also an additional opportunity to volunteer in late June to early July. The details of the Terms of Reference and qualifications for the volunteer assessors (including the timeline, responsibilities and descriptions of the three sub-themes) are outlined in the attached document.

If you would like to join this effort please fill out by May 11, 2009 the online sign-up form.

Being a DM assessor provides a unique opportunity to engage with professional peers and get a “read” of the yet-to-be-tested ideas on climate change. Your time and effort will help the most innovative development ideas to get off the ground and running.



Rasmus Heltberg

Lead Evaluation Officer, Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank

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