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The World Bank Published Report on “The Journey of Open Government and Open Data Moldova”

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The Republic of Moldova is one of the first countries in the region and among the top 16 countries in the world to launch an open data platform. The initiatives of the Republic of Moldova to open its government and public data by capitalizing on Informational Technologies will lead to the improvement of public services, an increase in transparency and the promotion of innovation. However, Moldova is now facing a double challenge: it needs to introduce reforms quickly on the one hand, while on the other hand the demand and the offer for informational technologies implementation are implemented on the long term.

These are just some of the ideas that you can find in the first case study entitled "The Journey of Open Government & Open Data Moldova" which was written by a group of experts under the aegis of the World Bank and published on Scribd.

The study "The Journey of Open Government & Open Data Moldova"draws on interviews with key actors and stakeholders regarding the objectives and evolution of the Republic of Moldova’s Government initiative to Open Government data and provides a unique insight into the platforms and usage patterns. The authors also propose a roadmap for development within the e-transformation process, describing the main barriers and supporting factors for such initiatives so that they are sustainable and institutionalized in the long-term.

The access to "The Journey of Open Government & Open Date Moldova" study is free. You can address your opinions and comments using the comments section below or directly contact the main authors: Hanif Rahemtulla, World Bank specialist in Governance and Geospatial Specialist ( and Irina Tisacova, Open Government Coordinator at the e-Governance Center of the Republic of Moldova ( 

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