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You Can Help Improve the Lives of Rwandans!

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As part of the Smart Villages program, Rwandan farmers received training on smart agricultural practices.

On June 17-18, there will be a high-level meeting in Kigali entitled Smart Rwanda Days. This event is being hosted by the Rwandan Ministry of Youth and ICT to finalize their vision for a Smart Rwanda and launch it with the support of a broad community. To ensure that they are moving forward with the best ideas possible, they are looking for your ideas and suggestions, which you can enter here.

The Smart Rwanda vision looks to build on all the great work currently happening in Rwanda -- and make it smarter by applying lessons from all over the world and leveraging the latest in modern thinking to specific target areas.

Specifically, it looks to apply ICT to 10 target areas:

Click above on your area of expertise to provide your input, good ideas, experience and recommendations. These may include successful programs in other countries, your own specific suggestions, or past programs in Rwanda that could be implemented in a smarter way.

We will be tracking the conversations on multiple platforms as we are eager to hear your views. Here are the options:

  1. Provide specific suggestions on the Google Moderator at or at the direct links above
  2. Make general comments below or at any of the following locations:
We're excited to receive your input, and look forward to seeing how it will impact the discussions during the Smart Rwanda Days. Thanks for helping to transform Rwanda!


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