Launch of earthquake reconstruction video and website

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Two weeks ago a World Bank team visited Sichuan, including some of the most devastated areas such as Beichuan county.  My colleagues, Mara Warwick and John Scales, took photos and produced a slideshow --see it below in video version:





Both being engineers, they took a lot of photos of the rubble to illuminate some points about the construction and the effect of the quake.  The slideshow first examines devastation of houses and communities, then moves on to document the destruction at a leading cultural site, the Er'wang temple in Dujiangyan.  It then moves to some of the substantial temporary housing that is going up quickly, as well as the large tent cities where many people will be living throughout the next few months.  Finally, it looks at the relocated Beichuan middle school.  At the same time we are launching our earthquake reconstruction website, where we will update progress with reconstruction over the next few years.  The World Bank will be involved in various phases of the reconstruction and we will report on our involvement as well as the larger reconstruction effort.


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