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ImageFor illuminating research, news and commentary from the World Bank on global education policy and development effectiveness, make sure you are connected to all our electronic information streams.

The World Bank's blog on all things education, Education for Global Development, can be subscribed to through our RSS feed by clicking here and read in any feed reader or mobile smart device through which you are connected. You can also subscribe to our blog by email.

The Education blog features top-level commentary on the biggest education challenges of the day, while our EduTech blog explores the mystery of technological innovation and its promise for advancing educational access, quality and accountability.

Check out recent blog posts on the importance of educating 1+ billion girls and what the future might bring for educational technology in 2025.

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Even better, jump in and join the conversation yourself with a comment! For other enlightening commentary on many of these issues, visit our contemporaries and partner organizations through our blogroll on the right-hand navigation bar.

You can also subscribe to the World Bank's monthly e-newsletter, EduNews, for updates on the most recent news, publications, research and information related to education. 

Looking for open data? Head over to our improved EdStats website where you can find interactive maps, bubble charts, country profiles and more.

As always, thanks to all of our readers for following us and engaging in discussions that strike at the heart of making education work for global development.


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