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Every year, the World Bank generates a wealth of useful information about education systems across the globe, from project-driven appraisal documents and results stories to country-specific data and news to impact evaluations and everything in between. Through the Smarter Education Systems tool, this information, which can often be overwhelming to navigate and curate, is becoming more easily accessible, digestible, and searchable. The Smarter Education Systems tool demonstrates how the World Bank helps countries ensure "Learning for All" through support to countries on both the financing (loans, grants, and more) and knowledge (research, publications, and more) fronts.

We are excited to share that we have recently added a new mapping feature to the tool. Now, Smarter Education is even more powerful because it visualizes our support to countries through both operational projects and knowledge products through an interactive map interface.

How does it work?

With these latest enhancements, users both inside and outside the World Bank can better understand where and how we support country clients and browse or search education knowledge and operational resources by geographic location.

Users can zoom and pan across the map, as well as search for specific countries to compare projects, products, financing, and other areas.  A refine option helps to narrow down project results further by year and region/country, and the knowledge results can be refined by year, content type, topic, level of education, and region/country.


An overlay option displays additional information on the map, such as lending commitments and key education indicators including completion and enrolment rates.


For country-specific information, users can click on each individual country bubble to access the country information box, which displays the total number of operations, knowledge and other resources relevant to a specific location or topic and allows users to link directly to project details, documents, Systems Approach for Better Education Results (SABER) ratings, results stories, and multimedia.  This is the first time the World Bank’s education knowledge, operations, and resources are displayed visually through a geographic exploration tool.


Are you ready to check it out?

Browse the Smarter Education tool to explore all three key visualization components: (a) World Bank support to countries in both operational projects and knowledge; (b) World Bank education financing trends and fiduciary contributions to education (2000-2016), and (c) World Bank knowledge in education (2011-present).

Simply click here -- or type  into the address bar of your browser -- and bookmark your favorite portal for ready access when you need it!

Would you like to provide feedback?

Let us know what you think of the tool and how we can continue to improve this resource in the future by leaving your suggestions and questions in the comments section below.

Please note that the new mapping feature is in a beta and is still undergoing testing and development. Please do keep visiting the portal -- we will continue to update its features and have new knowledge and resources updated!

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Luis Benveniste

Global Director for Education

Jung-Hwan Choi

Senior Knowledge Management Officer

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