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ImageI can still remember making a speech about “Experience is the best teacher,” when I was 14 years old and didn't have much of experience about life and the world.

I think the 168 hours or so that I spent in DC with fellow youth delegates were an enlightening and very powerful experience that changed my perception about the world, people, and myself. The launches, interesting live broadcasts, sessions, presentations, publications all made at least one change in the way I think and the way I interpret what I see. Now I believe I am looking at things in a broader perspective than I used to and I have started thinking about the world in a different way.

ImageAlmost all the days were packed with various sessions that happened throughout and it was really inspiring to see young people attending from different countries like Kenya, Croatia, Nigeria, Tunisia, etc apart from the South Asia delegation. Almost all of them have different views on issues and all had different angles on looking at a problem and it was challenging when wetried to reach a final outcome. But it was nice to see them debating world issues and how they challenged more experienced generations.

One of the main things that I loved about this trip was the opportunity given to speak up and present ourselves. We were free to share what we see in our countries and we were given a chance to give our opinions and to justify what we said. Talking to Management, Country Directors, and other people working at the bank was so interesting because everyone had something to say to us and their words were so supportive and encouraging.








I’m very happy when I think about the great friends that I made in this trip. I love how despite differences in religion, country, color or whatever you call it, all of us became great friends who encouraged and were always there for each other. 

Wandering around the city with the friends and experiencing the beautiful places made the trip colorful. Even though it was a tight schedule we somehow found some time to explore the city and learn about it and enjoyed ourselves.

This was one of the most memorable trips in my life and it wasso complete in every aspect. I would like to thank World Bank Sri Lanka for coordinating and supporting me in every way possible and all those involved for providing me with this opportunity.

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