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Armenia’s future – imagined in drawings and words

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We also conducted a similar activity among university students, addressing them three questions and asking to share – with one single adjective per each – the first thought that came to mind regarding the future of Armenia.
This particular exercise involved 64 students across various universities in Armenia, with 29 participants from regions and 35 from the capital Yerevan. 55% of respondents were female and 45% were male. We organized their responses into three “word-clouds” based on weighted percentages … and what do you think they came up with?
Education, poverty, emigration, and uncertainty featured prominently among the responses, alongside impassioned descriptions of Armenia such as bright and magnificent! Despite the challenges facing our country at present, the younger generation – fortunately – believes strongly in the future of their country.
As they say, you are only young once! Children and young people, therefore, deserve special attention and investment if we are to empower and support them in reaching their full potential in life. Listening to their voices and respecting their right to be heard – whether expressed through art or other means – should be at the heart of any country’s policy-making and development goals.
I am more than excited to share with you the ideas and creativity that Armenian kids and youth shared with me and my colleagues I hope you are pleased to see them too!


Vigen Sargsyan

Senior Communications Officer

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