Four ways governments are making girls’ lives better

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As the International Day of the Girl Child is coming up on October 11, it reminds us of an important role governments can play to help girls lead their own lives. Investing in girls’ empowerment is a smart way to invest in a country. 
Check out these four videos about how governments of Liberia, Senegal, India and Burundi are working to empower girls in their countries. 

1. Adolescent girls initiative
Sara, a young Liberian girl, started her business to save money for school. Sara is one of the many beneficiaries of the Adolescent Girl Initiative (AGI), an initiative that helps adolescent girls transition from school to productive employment through innovative interventions. Watch her story! 

2. Energy to change women's lives in Africa
Senegal's Sustainable and Participatory Energy Management Project encourages the participation of women in the decision making process. From cleaner cook stoves to better livelihoods and stronger economy - watch this video about the Senegalese government energy project that improves lives of rural women, while protecting the environment.

3. Female ex-combatants find livelihoods and acceptance in Burundi
“The reason I went to war is because people would come around, hurt you, kill you, rape you… So I decided to die fighting instead of being tortured at home.” Emeline Manirambona, an ex-combatant from Burundi's civil conflict, tells her story of acceptance and social support through the Government of Burundi's Demobilization and Transitional Reintegration Project.

4. Primary education for all in India
And finally, a touching story of young girl from Rajasthan. Her life changed because her mother decided to send her to school, one of thousands of schools set up by India’s Education for All Program in remote areas where female literacy is low. According to UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report, since 2000, India has reduced its out of school children by over 90%.  This year India is predicted to be the only country in South and West Asia to have an equal ratio of girls to boys in both primary and secondary education.  

Do you know of other stories? Tell us in the comments! 


Alua Kennedy

Communications Consultant

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