Strengthening governance, tackling corruption: Consultations on the World Bank's updated Strategy and Implementation Plan

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ImageOver the past nine months or so we have been preparing an updated version of the 2007 Governance and Anti-Corruption (GAC) Strategy and Implementation Plan. Many consultations have been heldwith senior management, informally with the Committee on Development Effectiveness, with front line operational staff, and with clients and partners.

From all these discussions one thing above all else is clear: everyone has a view on what GAC is or what it should be. Often, these views are slightly different perspectives on what is basically the same issue; for example, we need to put in place a more effective approach to risk management at the project level, one which reflects both a wider range of risks and very different country circumstances. On some issues staff are calling for greater clarity, such as  how to maintain an appropriate balance between the Bank's fiduciary imperative and the objective of strengthening country institutions and systemscan we pursue both simultaneously or is there a tradeoff to  be made?

Viewed in their entirety, the consultations confirmed three strategic priorities identified a year ago: results, risks, and the importance of using and strengthening country institutions. A modest global governance program is also included. We do not expect the document will satisfy all stakeholders on all these complex issues. Indeed, given the state of current knowledgefor instance, on the relationship between country institutions and development outcomesthis is not possible. The document tries to be frank about what the Bank can and cannot deliver in this most complex and contested area of development. We would appreciate your views on the extent to which we have succeeded

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