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Focus Friday: Top COVID-19 (coronavirus) news this week

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This week, public health experts discuss the risks of obesity while fighting COVID-19 and the impact of the pandemic on essential health services for women and children.  Meanwhile, as coronavirus infections continue to rise in India, one state has established an effective procurement model for medical supplies. In Afghanistan, World Bank support has helped mitigate the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak on their fragile health system and the economy.

Fighting fat to fight COVID-19 | Podcast (BBC World Radio)

Experts have warned that being obese or overweight puts you at greater risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19. One study suggests the chances of dying from the coronavirus are 90% higher in those who are severely obese. According to the World Health Organization obesity has nearly tripled worldwide since 1975 and is increasing in developing economies. Dr. Meera Shekar, the World Bank’s Global Lead for Nutrition discusses alongside other guests.

Supporting essential health services for women and children during COVID-19 | Video (DEVEX)

Monique Vledder, head of secretariat for the Global Financing Facility, in an interview with Devex, discusses the importance of supporting essential health services for women and children, investing in frontline health workers and strengthening health systems in times of COVID-19 and to prepare for future pandemics.

How the Indian State of Odisha is using efficient procurement to combat COVID-19 | Blog

During a pandemic, requests for medical supplies are characterized by unpredictability in terms of quantity, frequency, and technical specifications. Making sure that medical supplies and equipment reach overstretched hospitals is a matter of life and death – through Odisha’s swift and decisive actions and procurement model, the state has secured sufficient supplies of all essential drugs and equipment. As COVID-19 infections continue to rise in India, their model is worth emulating by other Indian states.

Strengthening Afghanistan's Fight Against COVID-19 | Blog

As infection numbers soared throughout Afghanistan, the country had difficulty tracking, testing, and isolating new cases. The World Bank fast-tracked a $100-million emergency grant to help Afghanistan strengthen its public health preparedness. This support has enabled the government to reinforce health care services, to detect and isolate COVID-19 cases, to improve testing capabilities, and for hospitals and other medical facilities to stock up on critical medical supplies and equipment.


Priyanka Ripley

External Affairs Consultant with the Health, Nutrition and Population communications team

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