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World Health Day 2016: Beat Diabetes

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Today, April 7, is World Health Day. This year’s focus is on diabetes. According to a new World Health Organization report, 422 million adults live with diabetes worldwide, most of them in developing countries.

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Many factors that have led to this quadrupling of the disease burden since 1980, including inactivity, aging populations, urbanization, and unhealthy diets, to name a few. How can nutrition in schools help?

School nutrition programs have traditionally been viewed as a method to reduce the vulnerability of poor children by encouraging school enrollment and regular attendance. But, with about one out of every five school children receiving a meal at school every day, we think that well-designed school nutrition programs can go beyond these aims to also serve as a powerful way to help meet students’ nutritional needs.

Want to know more? Below is a round up of our World Health Day content.

Chart: The changing causes of death in low-income countries
School nutrition programs are the first line of defense against diabetes


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