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Curated Miscellanea: Interviews, Advice, Policy Debates, and Commonly Referred to Posts

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This set of links collects together some of the other various series we have done over the years which are not included in our curated links on technical topics and methodology, or in our curated posts on survey methods. It serves to collate some of the other material we find ourselves going back to look for, or that our readers request links to frequently. Last update July 24, 2023


Six Questions with Development Impact: an occasional series of interviews with leading researchers in development economics:

·       Six questions with Andrew Foster

·       Six questions with Martin Ravallion (and remembering Martin Ravallion)

·       Six questions with Mark Rosenzweig

·       Six questions with Rohini Pande

·       Six questions with Chris Udry

      Six questions with Tavneet Suri

      Six questions with Morgan Hardy

·       Six questions with Oriana Bandiera

·       Six questions with Ted Miguel

Interviews on using a PhD in development economics outside of a research university:

·       Interviews with Alan de Brauw (Ifpri) and Bailey Klinger (Entrepreneurial Finance Lab)

·       Interview with Alix Zwane (Global Innovation Fund)

·       Interview with Evan Borkum of Mathematica.

·       Interviews with Kartini Shastry and John Maluccio (Liberal Arts Colleges Part 1)

·       Interviews with Jessica Hoel and Tahir Andrabi (Liberal Arts Colleges Part 2)

Interviews with journal editors:

·       Q&A with Larry Katz, editor of the QJE

·       Q&A with Maitreesh Ghatak, about the JDE

·       Q&A with Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet about the WBER

·       Q&A with Arun Agrawal about World Development (part 1, part 2)

·       Andrew Foster on the new short paper track at the JDE

      Q&A with Aisha Bradshaw about Nature Human Behavior

Other Interviews:

·       With Nick York and Gail Marzetti about DFID’s approach to impact evaluation (part 1, part 2)

·       With Dan Keniston and Katja Seim about doing research at the intersection of industrial organization and development (part 1, part 2, part 3) and with Jim Levinsohn on the same topic.

·       Humans of field work: interviews with survey enumerators in Rwanda

·       Mixing qualitative and quantitative methods in impact evaluation, a conversation with Rachael Pierotti (part 1, part 2).


·       Dean Karlan and Dean Yang on how to get started working with NGOs.

·       A beginner’s guide to doing/thinking about a field study in China.

·       Reflections on writing a strong impact evaluation grant proposal

·       Tips for writing impact evaluation grant proposals

·       How much to referee and how to do it

·       On presenting to policy audiences

·       On blogging your job market paper (November 2016, December 2020, December 2021)

·       Advice from survey implementors for researchers (part 1, part 2)

·       Gotcha! Tips and tricks for the economics seminar and tips for better conduct at seminars.

       Post-docs in economics are now more common: advice on how to maximize their use


Policy Debates

·       Depth vs breadth in firm policy – causing marginal changes for many versus large changes for a few.

      What is the empirical evidence for the different arguments for and against government support to firms in developing countries?

       What is the evidence on green technology adoption and innovation in developing countries?

·       What have we learned about cash transfers?

Other Miscellanea

·       Failures: A collection of our posts on learning from failures

·       Father’s Day post: Dads and Development

·       Have descriptive development papers been crowded out by impact evaluations?

·       How long is the long run?

·       Is the impact evaluation production function O-ring or a knowledge hierarchy?

     What is the profile of leading development economists on the PhD job market?

  What development impact looks for in guest posts




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