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Reading us through Google Reader or RSS – here’s what to do to continue doing so

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At the end of this month, Google will close down Google Reader. We have about 1500 Google Reader subscribers, and we want to make sure you keep reading us once this happens. So here are some options (apart from the obvious one of coming directly to our blog page):
  1. Subscribe by email – go to our main blog page, and you will see on the right menu a place where you can subscribe by email. You will then receive each post in full in your inbox – as you know, we typically post about 3 times a week, and you will only receive these posts in the emails from us, nothing else.
  2. Use a different RSS reader: Two of the leading contenders seem to be feedly and the old reader.  If you are going to use either (or another RSS reader), you should update your RSS feed for our page to This is the feed that appears now on the right of our main menu and ensures you get the full post in the feed. Otherwise the old subscription feed unfortunately only gives the first paragraph of content since the World Bank changed its blog platform. Here’s my thoughts on feedly and the old reader:
  • Feedly syncs quickly at the moment to Google Reader, and looks nice. The app works well on my iphone (which is where I skim a lot of posts, while on the metro, waiting for meetings to start, etc.); as well as the ipad. The big downside (especially for World Bank staff with our antiquated software) is that it does not work in Internet Explorer, only in Firefox or Chrome – and apparently you need to install some plug-in with those, which again isn’t easy with corporate IT policies. Here is a NYTimes piece on using Feedly.
  • The Old Reader requires you to either wait several days for them to bring across your Google Reader subscriptions, or manually re-subscribe to each one. It doesn’t look as nice as Feedly, but displays more posts on the screen at once, and most importantly, works in Internet Explorer. However, I don’t think there is an App for it.
I subscribe to about 50 blog feeds, so RSS is the only way to quickly skim them all for posts that look like they are of interest – if you just follow our blog and a couple more, then going straight to the blog page may be easiest.
Anyone have a great solution for RSS reading that looks good both on an iphone and in internet explorer?  Other advice for our readers?


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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