Brazil's dream goal for 2014

Tamires Rodrigues, a Brazilian student, has some things in common with some of the world’s best strikers: she has, for example, a clear target and knows exactly how to send the ball straight into the goal.

Just as Tamires, Brazil wishes to score a dream goal – and it has got nothing to do with the upcoming World Cup. The country seeks to enroll 1 million people in the National Programme for Vocational Education and Employment (Pronatec, its acronym in Portuguese) until the end of 2014.

Pronatec is among the most important components of the Brazilian plan against poverty. It offers free training courses for young people whose parents are benefited by Bolsa Familia (family grant) program. The classes are delivered in some of the best technical schools nationwide.

Upon completion of these courses, hairdressers, computer technicians, occupational safety experts, and receptionists (like Tamires), among other skilled workers, will be able to hit the job market.

In the following video, Tamires tells us how she plans to score her life goal.
Vocational training in Brazil


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